Learning journeys

Differentiated learning with compact learning units

We develop individual learning journeys that are tailored for you and consist of different, successive or connected learning units – ideal for presenting complex topics in appetizing bites.

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Every learning journey is unique

It’s all in the right mix of methods and training formats

Whether your training concept begins with an explainer video, the learning content is taught via on-site courses in combination with learning nuggets, or gamification elements such as a quiz app will play a role – the right mix is crucial for ensuring that your learning project is a success.

And that’s precisely why we are here: We develop individual learning journeys that consist of different, successive or connected learning units – ideal for presenting complex topics in appetizing bites.

For use with product training, software instruction or regulatory classes – our learning journeys incorporate the needs of the learners and put them on course for a motivational journey.

What sets our learning journeys apart

Varied and multimedia approach

By using the right mix of different methods such as learning nuggets, on-site classes, explainer videos and quiz apps, our learning journeys add variety and boost involvement – and ensure long-term knowledge acquisition.

Short and to the point

We divide broad topics and complex training programs into compact learning bites that can be flexibly integrated into the daily work routine.


Depending on your training goals and the learning technologies and methods you already use, we will develop an educational concept that blends perfectly into your learning environment.

Educationally sound

We view learning as a continuous journey. When developing learning journeys, we base our work on the model of knowledge acquisition, allowing us to achieve long-term learning success.

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What guides us:

The model of knowledge acquisition

In designing our e-learning products, we work with you to create learning journeys in line with the model of knowledge acquisition. According to this model, learning occurs in four stages: by generating acceptance, knowledge acquisition, application/reflection and knowledge transfer. We structure our learning journey around these stages – because certain training methods are particularly well-suited for each of the stages.

For instance, a learning journey with an explainer video as a teaser can be used to generate acceptance for the topic. This is because videos are ideal for directly addressing learners through storytelling and quickly evoking emotions.

In the next step, a blended learning approach or a didactically sound combination of learning nuggets provides targeted knowledge building. This knowledge can be applied and deepened through interactions or a quiz app. And recap formats or on-the-job tutorials are good choices for transferring knowledge.

Would you like to have an overview of the ideal methods and formats for your training concept? We would be happy to design a non-binding basic concept for your individual learning journey.

Customer voices

“The compact and modular learning units from youknow are an excellent way of serving our heterogeneous target group: from knowledge-hungry amateurs who want to continue exploring in a virtual world after the knowledge transfer, to the busy specialist who just wants to quickly choose the aspects most relevant for him. How would I describe our learning journey? Educationally well-grounded, concerted and varied– it makes learning fun!”

Dr. Sven Lehmann, Global Project Manager at a Munich-based technology group

The ideal basis: A basic concept for your learning journey

You provide the training topics – we will implement the learning journey that meets your needs. Would you first like to see an overview of a possible structure for your learning journey before we talk about actually implementing it? No problem! We would be happy to design a non-binding basic concept to illustrate ideas for your individual learning journey – just right for your goals, your target group and your circumstances.

We offer a basic concept for CHF 3,000.

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Learning journeys? Easy!

“Successful knowledge sharing means breaking through the natural forgetting curve and continuously motivating the learner. That is what our learning journeys accomplish: We break down complicated topics into bite-size nuggets and link different learning methods. In the process, we regularly use repetition and questions to firmly anchor the knowledge in the learner’s long-term memory.”
Jakob C. Hüsken, conception specialist

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