Learning technologies

Our learning technologies let you bring your learning content to your target group – and do so in way that is easy, efficient and tailored to your target group. Whether with our Learning Management System or the youknow QuizApp, we make it easy for you to get started in your digital learning environment and put more fun into learning.

Learning technologies: The basis for your digital learning environment

Digitalization has long been a part of our everyday lives: new technologies and other processes are triggering new requirements. And this impacts our work environment too. The lines between work and pleasure are becoming increasingly blurred. New Work is considered the epitome of the change process. This trend also impacts how we learn in the business context: Learning on demand and lifelong learning are more and more crucial.

The learner has to receive the right content at the right time – and it should also be fun, motivating and stay fresh in their minds. And this is precisely where we come in with our learning technologies: Our Learning Management System serves as a central platform for all of your online training activities, and our QuizApp gives you a fun way to anchor the material with your learners in the long term.

Using learning technologies

The New Work trend has arrived, and not only among larger companies – mid-size companies in particular are catching up and becoming drivers for digital learning systems. Lean, simple solutions are well-suited for getting a quick start in the field. Our learning technologies are good choices for a wide variety of scenarios:

  • Getting started with digital learning technologies
  • Project-related learning activity
  • Legally compulsory training
  • As a distribution platform for education providers

Our learning technologies

Learning Management System

Simple. Affordable. Ready to roll.

Easy to use
Ready for immediate use
Integrated authoring tool


A quiz to boost knowledge.

A fun way to share knowledge
Intuitive use
Easy to make your own quizzes and question pools