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Customer KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse | Solution knowtion | Year 2021

KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse, based in Hanover, is one of the largest statutory health insurance companies in Germany, with around 1.6 million insured. KKH has developed many innovative and forward-looking health programs – from individual health coaching to a care concept that was even part of the Harvard Business School curriculum. KKH employs a total of 4,000 staff who advise and support insured persons in all federal states.

The challenge

Digital transformation and an increasing demand for learning content

Tackling future issues today, creating a digital learning culture in which learning processes and learning behavior are transformed, and involving and empowering employees throughout the process – these were the ambitious goals of the health insurance company and the trigger for the introduction of the "KKH Learning World".

KKH was faced with numerous challenges, such as social and generational change, but also growing cost and quality pressure under increased competition. In addition, there are legal requirements for the digitalization of many processes – one example of many is the electronic patient file. With the increasing complexity of the demands on the health insurance company, the demand for learning content is therefore also increasing. All those involved need to be trained more and more quickly and in a more diverse way on various topics. The production of learning media by external partners is often lengthy, coordination-intensive and costly. However, the internal production of company-specific content also has its pitfalls: Internal learning media developers often lack the necessary operational expertise and time; conversely, interested employees from the field often lack the didactic and technical know-how to create learning content themselves.

In order to overcome these hurdles and to motivate employees to participate in the KKH learning world, the focus from the beginning was therefore on the idea of a training platform that, on the one hand, makes the learning content available to the learners for passive consumption, but on the other hand, also enables the employees to actively pass on knowledge in addition to self-motivated learning – motto "user-generated content".

„The close cooperation with youknow is very valuable for us. Our willingness to experiment paired with the openness, the e-learning expertise and the matching tool from youknow, have complemented each other perfectly. With knowtion, we can now offer the departments a low-threshold introduction to the production of digital learning content, and thanks to the context-sensitive tips, they also receive media-didactic basics along the way. The result is not only that we can produce and provide learning content more efficiently, but above all that the contributors voluntarily pass on their knowledge - and have fun doing it!“

Ralf Guido Scholz, Digital Learning Expert at KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse

The solution

Empowering learners to create their own learning content

When youknow presented the new AI-driven authoring tool knowtion to Ralf Guido Scholz, Digital learning Expert at KKH, it was quickly clear to him that the tool was a perfect fit for KKH’s "user-generated content" project. "knowtion offers the potential not only to introduce a learning management system (LMS), but also to create a collaborative learning world in which all employees can ideally participate," explains Ralf Guido Scholz.

After almost four years, the KKH learning world is the hub of digital education and training within the health insurance company and has around 300 e-learning courses on offer – and the trend is rising. Internal personnel development is responsible for the learning world and the 4,000 learners. In addition to technical support, the tasks of personnel development in the context of digital learning also includes production and procurement of content as well as coordination of the in-house production of KKH-specific learning media. Above all, however, it is a matter of getting the learners inspired about the KKH learning world.

For KKH human resources development, it is not enough just to provide the departments with the necessary e-learning know-how so that they can create learning content themselves. It also wants to create a learning environment that makes it possible to share expertise quickly with others. Therefore, the introduction of knowtion is an important milestone of the "user-generated content" project.

In order for learners to be able to create and share learning content quickly and easily, KKH’s requirements for a tool were clear from the beginning. It must be possible to make the software available to learners quickly and without any hurdles. In addition, the application must be easy to use. The KKH identified knowtion as one of the authoring tools that meet these requirements. The intuitive user interface is particularly convincing, as it guides – with the help of AI – the user through the entire production process and thus enables even e-learning beginners to familiarize themselves quickly.

For many who are creating learning content for the first time, it is a real challenge to focus on the core topics, to put them in a didactically sensible order and to bring in a red thread. "Since we started working with knowtion, this has become much easier because knowtion encourages the producers to think much more about learning objectives," says Scholz. Even without time-consuming introductory training, KKH can implement even large projects because knowtion guides users step-by-step through the content creation process and provides them with the right tips and tricks at the moment of need. The simple operation in combination with predefined, different content pages (templates) makes it easy for users to get started quickly with content creation and ensures that the learning content is of a consistently high quality.

Another success factor is the involvement of managers and specialist departments. They should not only be the clients for learning content, but also initiate or carry out productions of their own content. To make this possible, the personnel development team works closely with all interested and motivated persons within KKH. The aim of this support is to accompany and enable the individual learning media production process of these producers of professional content, internally referred to as KKH Learning World Multipliers, in the best possible way. Depending on how much e-learning knowledge or prior knowledge the relevant subject matter experts have, they receive the necessary individual support from the e-learning experts in HR. There are introductory training courses that not only impart technical knowledge, but also include the first important didactic tips. Due to the intuitive user interface and handling of knowtion, users can usually start producing their own learning content directly after a half-day training.

Especially in the first projects, there are very often short feedback loops in the beginning during the ongoing production. This enables the multipliers to build up efficient production routines, so that by the second project at the latest, these loops can almost always be dispensed with and further support is only provided as needed.

Although success is not directly measured by specific KPIs, it is clear from the increasing number of active participants and also thepositive feedback that the KKH learning world and also the "user-generated content" initiative is finding steadily increasing acceptance and positive feedback. According to Ralf Guido Scholz, the project also has a positive effect on various other corporate goals: "On the one hand, we can provide employees with important and company-relevant knowledge in a timely and flexible manner, thereby increasing our attractiveness as an employer. On the other hand, we can offer our customers the best possible quality of advice and support.


User-generated content – come to stay

User-generated content has become an integral and important part of KKH’s learning media offering and is being continuously developed. As a result, the role of HR, i.e. the e-learning experts, has also changed: They are now also sparring partners and enablers for the KKH learning world multipliers. The most impressive achievement of the project, however, is not only the efficiency with which content is created within KKH, but the fact that the multipliers pass on their knowledge to colleagues voluntarily and with fun.

"Excellent" rating for knowtion

Once a year, the eLearning Journal puts software for in-company training to the test in its "Practical Guide". In the 2022 edition, "knowtion" was put through its paces. The result: The smart authoring tool scored a sensational 91 out of 100 points and thus received the rating "Excellent". Read the detailed evaluation in the test report (in German):

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