20% more leads: How Hurra uses explainer videos to boost SEO.

Your takeaway from this article

  • How Hurra uses explainer videos to boost SEO
  • How do explainer videos impact website metrics such as time on site and the bounce rate?

The strength of explainer videos

Explainer videos are a tried and tested method of explaining even complex topics and products so the end customer understands them. That’s why most explainer videos land up on company websites. Yet how strongly does a newly implemented video actually impact website metrics? Are there quantifiable improvements in time on site? Can an explainer video increase leads generated on the website?

Using the hurra.com website, the effects of implementing a 2-minute video clip on the homepage for a period of 3 weeks was investigated. To optimize every user’s experience on their end device, the explainer video was made available in two formats for desktop and mobile end device.

Effects on time on site and bounce rate

It was noticeable that the homepage time on site increased by over 50%. The time-on-site increase to an average of 2.5 minutes clearly shows that the overwhelming majority of visitors watched the whole video and responded positively. This means that the message was conveyed successfully to most users.

In addition to time on site, the bounce rate was also optimized. The bounce rate describes the percentage of visitors who left the homepage without further actions like clicks. The improvement in bounce rate becomes obvious when you compare the test time period with a corresponding previous time frame. While 35% of users left the website without further action prior to the implementation of the explainer video, this was reduced to only 28% on average. This development shows that interest in further information among users increased thanks to the video, and they then stayed on the website to find that information.

20% more leads

Both time on site and bounce rate are important parameters for Google® and they have a direct impact on the ranking in the organic search results. That’s why it’s in the interests of every online shop to optimize these metrics. This test clearly demonstrates that an explainer video can be a useful tool to indirectly increase the visibility of a site. After all, investing in an explainer video has to pay off in the end. That’s why we’re so pleased that we were able to increase the number of leads by some 20% since we started using the explainer video. An appropriate call to action at the end of the video offers an additional opportunity to direct the user to further pages.


For Hurra Communications, investing in an explainer video and embedding it on the website paid off and led to a significant improvement quantified by these figures:

  • Time on site increased by 50%
  • Bounce rate reduced by 7%
  • Leads increased by 20%

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