Regulatory trainings

There’s no way to avoid it – so make sure it’s easy to access

Ensure that everyone in your organization knows and understands the legal requirements and regulations.

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Greater know-how, more security, greater success

Compliance, health, workplace safety, sustainability, quality management – there’s a long list of mandatory regulatory trainings. Regulatory trainings protect your company and your employees at the same time. But regulatory trainings have a bad reputation – meaning that many people perceive them as a necessary evil. Though that doesn’t have to be the case. The right LMS enables you to decrease administrative effort and convey important topics to your employees in an accessible and engaging way.

Reduce complexity

Convey complex topics in a simple way: That’s possible by offering your learners a variety of digital learning content which you can combine into a thematic training.

Optimize processes

Repeating trainings regularly ensures that your employees are always up-to-date and meet quality requirements. This enables you to optimize processes and increase productivity.

Save time

You can easily and automatically assign and monitor courses – which means you can reduce time-consuming and costly administrative effort.

Tackle any challenge with the youknow LMS

Increase the acceptance for regulatory trainings

Many associate mandatory training with boring content presented in a wall of text. This doesn’t have to be the case! The youknow LMS makes sure you can deliver even the most complex topics in an entertaining way – with a variety of interactive learning journeys.

Easy tracking and auditing capability

The different tracking and certification options allow you to always keep track of upcoming and already completed trainings. This makes it easy to prove compliance with regulatory requirements and ensures that you are prepared for audits.

The right content for the right audience

Not everyone in your organization needs to complete the same mandatory trainings. Use user- and role-permissions to automatically unlock trainings for specific individuals and groups.

Expand your course library

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. The youknow LMS offers a selection of free standard courses on many topics, including regulatory trainings. You can also easily import external learning content via a SCORM upload.

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