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How Sanitätshaus Aktuell got started with its smileCAMPUS

Customer Sanitätshaus Aktuell AG | Solution LMS | Year 2022

Sanitätshaus Aktuell AG was founded in 1982 and is one of Germany’s largest purchasing cooperatives for medical supplies. The cooperative includes 480 franchise partners, with a combined workforce of over 8,000 professionals at more than 700 locations. As an international service provider in the healthcare industry, Sanitätshaus Aktuell organizes purchasing, sales, contract management, marketing and other services for its franchise partners.

The initial situation

Providing efficient training for employees

As part of its company-wide digitization strategy, Sanitätshaus Aktuell AG decided to build a comprehensive online academy to offer employees and franchise partners high-quality learning content.

Due to the rapid growth of the cooperative in recent years, there was an increased need for training – particularly for the employees of the franchise partners in the medical supply stores. Since the franchise partners are located all over Germany, it quickly became clear that a decentralized solution and digital learning content would be the best option. Sanitätshaus Aktuell AG was therefore looking for a partner who could enable the company to train and educate its employees quickly and efficiently with entertaining content.

The challenge

Motivating the learners

A few years earlier, Sanitätshaus Aktuell had already attempted to introduce an online academy. Unfortunately, the project didn’t have the desired acceptance from learners and has been lost in the day-to-day business. Based on this experience, it was all the more important to make the new online academy a success right from the start.

Another special characteristic: Sanitätshaus Aktuell wants to use the academy mainly to address the over 8,000 employees of the franchise partners, i.e. an external target group. Experience has shown that motivating them to use the online academy is more difficult than with in-house staff.

In addition, there is a high turnover of employees and many people who have changed career paths, which is particularly evident in retail sales in the medical supply stores. Retail salespersons must become familiar with the product range in order to be able to provide customers with professional advice. They also need to have basic knowledge of medical conditions and the types of care available. So fast and straightforward onboarding is essential in order to be able to provide new employees with sustainable training.

„The smileCAMPUS makes it easy for us to offer our franchise partners a flexible and digital platform through which they can train their employees effectively and efficiently. Our long-term goal is to empower our franchise partners to create their own content and trainings in order to increase employee satisfaction and save costs. We found a reliable partner in youknow, who advised us professionally from the very beginning, so that we were able to achieve our goals and successfully roll out the platform.“

Simone Söltzer, E-Learning Manager

The solution

Getting off to a flying start with smileCAMPUS

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, Sanitätshaus Aktuell has launched a number of innovative and digital projects to ensure that it is ready for the future. One of these projects is to reactivate the idea of the online academy and make it a success. Since the old system was outdated and lacked the necessary features, Sanitätshaus Aktuell AG chose youknow as the content and technology partner for their "new" e-learning academy.

The Learning Management System (LMS) by youknow enables Sanitätshaus Aktuell to train its in-house employees as well as those of its franchise partners in a decentralized manner. smileCAMPUS – the name of the online academy – offers different courses for employees and partners. This includes a wide range of courses for learners, from onboarding training to specialist topics such as law and contracts, soft skills training to topics such as communication, language, personality and skills, and much more. The original plan was to include only in-house produced training and mandatory courses in smileCAMPUS. But since Sanitätshaus Aktuell wanted to start as soon as possible and offer its learners a comprehensive course catalog, they also purchased third-party content. The smileCAMPUS offers learners everything they need for a successful continued learning, from webinars and explanatory videos to web-based training (WBTs) and many other learning formats.

The highlights

High acceptance by learners

The smileCAMPUS has developed into a popular platform for employees and partners, one which users actively use and contribute to (keyword "user-generated content"). The attractive design, high-quality content, intuitive use, and excellent internal marketing have led to the online academy being accepted by learners relatively quickly. The franchise partners are now creating and managing their own courses themselves, such as product training courses for sales staff. Demand is high: the original user base of 500 has expanded to 2,000 users.

To get their members and partners inspired about smileCAMPUS, Sanitätshaus Aktuell did extensive marketing for the online academy. The smileCAMPUS was presented at conferences and symposia, for example. At the presentations, the benefits of the platform were explained and dedicated workshops on the LMS were offered so that learners could get to know the system and have the chance to try it for themselves. In addition, there were various promotions on the intranet, such as an Easter egg hunt where learners could find Easter eggs in the courses or feedback forms. Another supportive measure was the distribution of postcards with a QR code leading directly to smileCAMPUS. The aim of the measures was to keep the hurdle for learners as minimal as possible in order to increase acceptance and motivation. These campaigns were so successful and the participants so enthusiastic that they motivated the franchise partners to create their own learning content.

What’s next?

Encouraging more independence

The aim is to make the production and learning process even more efficient in order to increase the acceptance and intrinsic motivation of the learners. To achieve this goal, the franchise partners will be able to organize themselves in the future and manage both the content and the users themselves.

There are also plans to integrate a webshop into smileCAMPUS, which franchise partners can use to book seminars on their own.

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